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Kaptal Wai! " My Canoe Has News!"

E'cha' Maluuuuuuuu Eyea! Mogethin! Wolimom! Welcome!
My canoe is still sailing through my journey in life, so if you like, come sail away with me for a little while and we can talk small kine stories. Katptal Wai Eyea!

My name is Xavier X. Fethal and I hailed from the tiny and beautiful islands of Ulithi, Yap state, Federated States of Micronesia. I grew up on coconuts, taro, bananas, Maar, burow, Vivi and tons of seafood. As a young kid, I enjoyed spending most of my time in the ocean doing what most islanders would do, picking "Lingeroch" and exchanging with Japanese tourists for rice. "LOL" Rice, rice, baby! My education took me from the seawalls of Hapolbwul, Outer Islands High School, the slopes of Mabuchi, Xavier High School (Chuuk State), the nation of Hafa Adai and where America's Day begins to the land of Aloha-heart of beautiful down town Honolulu, Hawaii Pacific University.
Honolulu, Hawaii has been my home for the past 21 years. I work as a sales representative for a major company. I'm also involved in several Micronesian Organizations here in Hawaii; MFL-Micronesian Friendship League, Micronesian Exchange Festival  and the Remathau Tribe of Hawaii. I am an islander and a true Remathau, practicing and promoting my music and culture are among some of my favorite hobbies.

Wrapped around my heart a Micronesian Ginger Lei


1.Island Chant                                       
2. Saila Mo
3. Ma'adagrog (Yapese)                             
4. Mwarmwar wei
5. Micronesian Ginger Lei (English)               
6. Chipwang Doctor (Chuuksese)
7. Yulhal Yange Chant (English/Ulithian)     
8. Yai Honey
9. Sorrow Re'agelus                                   
10. Gafugou (Yapese)
11. De Fingdeg                                         
12. Yodol weral Maram
13. Yangdidi                                             
14. Fisil Lang

Latest Project: "Island Girl"

Pilpilil Waripig Ooo

  1. Pilpelil waripig (Traditional Chant)
  2. Kosrae'e
  3. Hamalele (Ulithian)
  4. Island Girl
  5. Beautiful Pohnpei
  6. Anita
  7. Say I do
  8. Che Kalog Mou (Ulithian)
  9. Calling on the moon
  10. Ekiekum (Chuukese)
  11. Yulhal Ya'nge (English/Ulithian)
  12. Have yourself a Merry little X-Mas
  13. Give Love on X-Mas Day
  14. Ulithian Lei (Ulithian)

Taking Ulithian and Micronesian Music to a Whole new height!

The younger generation of Ulithian Artists
KZ Fethal & Julain Tangelmar

Momai Life

The Cuzns
Lorob O Lorob

Da' Projects!

Micronesian Ginger Lei was my very first CD project (JTStudio 2002, Honolulu, Hawaii) Most of the songs on this project are my origionals the rest are borrowed songs from family members and friends.
This CD is a mixed plate of Island contemporary, tribal chanting, cha cha beat, reggae sound and your typical island songs: sun set, cool sea breeze going through your hair, sending the fragrance of that lei "MwarMwar" through out the islands and kickin' with friends, family or that someone very special. ( Sung in four different languages; Ulithian, Yapese, Chuukese and English )
My second and latest CD was made possible through Te'Hana Productions 2004, Honolulu, Hawaii. Here you'll notice the difference in the choices of songs and artists involved. My aim in this project is to not only promote Micronesian music, but also that of my people and culture, the Remathau Tribe. Most of the english songs in this album are my origionals with the exceptions to the two Christmas songs, "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and Give love on Christmas Day." Although most of the songs are in English, I wrote them through the eyes of an islander,  at a cross road of two different cultures, flirting with each other and creating a hybrid flower that will be true to the existance of the new Micronesia. A younger generation of Ulithainans (Remathaus) and Micronesian artists are involved in this project; KZ Fethal, Javin and Kim Guiormog, members of the Remathau Tribe Chanters and several good friend of mine, Mr. Pat Martinez, from Chuuk state and Yasta "Latta" Bolkiem of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Plenty mahalos goes out to all involved in both projects, without your assistance and aid, the two projects would not be possible.


Ulithian Lei - "MwarMwar"

Thinking about visiting my Islands, I have just the right place for you!